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Conservation values

Australia’s landscapes are some of the oldest on Earth, having been isolated for 45 million years. We are one of the most biologically unique and diverse countries on Earth, with more than 80% of flora and fauna species endemic to our environments.

The Wild Bush Luxury portfolio offers guests a chance to see some of Australia’s most incredible and pristine environments. A prime motivation behind what we do is to open the minds of our guests through the activities our guides conduct within these environments. This comes through the interpretation of the environment, the birdlife, and the mammal and reptile life. It also comes through the active debate of topical issues while visiting the environment and through experiencing the day to day sustainable operation of the camps.

Our experiences are designed to connect our guests with the bush and we’re acutely aware that this success is reliant on a harmonious relationship with our ecological environment. It is our innate desire and responsibility to ensure we’re contributing to the conservation of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage and to the local communities we work with.

A 4C’s framework

We are committed to driving holistic sustainability, tried and tested using a 4C framework: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.

This framework guides the initiatives we use at Wild Bush Luxury including: the nurture and care for our local flora and fauna; embracing and connecting with the cultures of our experience destinations; applying intuition and leadership to the needs of our local and guest community; all while ensuring our businesses, employees and destinations are thriving as we collaborate for a sustainable future.

Arkaba is a member of The Long Run: a sustainable travel movement helping businesses, nature and people work together for a better future.

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