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Wild Bush Luxury

Experience the raw beauty of Australia


Discover one of the most exclusive stays in Australia – Arkaba Conservancy, a Wild Bush Luxury property in the Flinders Ranges.

Just ten guests at a time share this remote homestead on the 60,000 acre private wildlife conservancy dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s unique wildlife and birds. Mobs of kangaroos, emus and other abundant wildlife will delight on safari through spectacular ancient landscapes, where expert field guides support our guest’s own immersive journey in the bush.

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Arkaba Walk

Explore 60,000 acres of privately-owned and carefully protected outback with a maximum of ten walkers.

Set against the backdrop of the Elder Range and Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges, take the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds, the scale and space of outback Australia in a style that is exclusive and authentic.

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Bamurru Plains

Discover life on the coastal floodplains of Australia’s extraordinary Top End.

The true luxury of Bamurru Plains is its location, a safari-style lodge with exclusive access to 300 km of floodplains and savanna woodland on the Mary River, bordering Kakadu National Park – dual-listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Each day is different at Bamurru Plains, with a profusion of bird and wildlife parading the property right at your very doorstep with an intimate view from your lodgings.

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Maria Island Walk

Expert guiding, abundant wildlife, convict tales, comfortable accommodation and local Tasmanian fare come together to bring you one of Australia’s Great Walks.

This spectacular walk is located on Maria Island, a National Park situated just off the east coast of Tasmania.

Maria Island has hosted over 1,300 walks over 19 seasons and received eight National Tourism Awards.

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