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Ecological Credentials


At Arkaba, our team endeavour to restore the property to an ecologically pristine landscape. Successful conservation programs have been put in place, including non-native feral species eradication and reversing the impacts of years of livestock grazing.

This work has had some exciting results: confirmed sightings of 10 new bird species, the establishment of 2 colonies of vulnerable yellow-footed rock wallabies, along with a significant increase in sightings of kangaroos, emus, reptiles and other native species.

At our wilderness camps, each was built in natural land clearings to avoid damage to the landscape, and swag decks and bathrooms were raised from the ground. The surrounding shrub and bushscape provides a natural cover for shelter and privacy.

There is no electricity at these starlit camps, with introduced lighting provided by camp fire, lanterns and rechargeable torches.

The focus is all about being as harmonious with the environment as possible.

Bamurru Plains

At Bamurru Plains, approximately 75% of the camp’s power is solar generated allowing our guests to hear the sounds of the bush at night without the noise of a generator, while keeping our carbon footprint minimal.

Of our bush safari camp, only three rooms have air conditioning and this is provided at a surcharge, to value our electricity and cover the additional fuel burn to support it.

Our safari-style camp was built to support a minimal impact on the environment, with only 10 bungalows and a main lodge in total, constructed amongst the fringe bushland on the edge of the floodplains, using the pandanus palms and natural woodland for shade and privacy. Each lodgings has been designed to maximise air flow with walls made of mesh, so guests feel as close to nature as possible.

The Maria Island Walk

The conservation of our natural environment is at the heart of everything we do on our award-winning The Maria Island Walk.

Our guides and team are expertly trained in navigating and guiding the walk in a way that minimises any harm to the landscape, promoting sustainable principles along the way.

We are part of Australian Wildlife Journeys โ€“ 1 of just 14 exceptional wildlife experiences chosen by Tourism Australia and recognised for conservation efforts.

Our sites are almost entirely energy neutral, with solar panels powering lighting, fridges and fans.

We boast an excellent record in waste management with less than one bag on each 4-day walk sent for organic waste composting.

As an EcoStar Accredited business, we have gained the ‘Quality Tourism Accreditation’ through our proven commitment to environmental sustainability.