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Wild Bush Luxury

There are a few key ingredients in a Wild Bush Luxury experience: spectacular and inspirational landscapes; a genuine desire to conserve our environment and above all expert and passionate people.

If you love walking in nature and the sound of an outback adventure but swag camping under the stars isn’t your idea of fun, we now have a lodge-based walking experience for you. Long piping-hot showers, air conditioning, and a bottomless South Australian wine cellar come with the territory.

Walk your way

Our native garden rewilding project, inspired by field guide Melissa Robertson, pays homage to the vast ranges that tower around Arkaba. Old cypress pine fence posts and recycled farming relics are being reimagined into a new guest space. Natifve fluffy and feathery friends are also welcome. 

Check it Out

Whilst out on the Southern end of Arkaba, field guide Melissa Robertson noticed a curious phenomenon. When inspecting multiple Acacia Tetragonophylla (Dead Finish) in bloom, excitedly she noticed that the trees were throwing the odd red wattle blossom.