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Australia's landscapes are some of the oldest on Earth and having been isolated for 45 million years, we are one of the most biologically unique and diverse countries on Earth, with more than 80% of flora and fauna species endemic to our environments. 

Two hundred years of European settlement has emphasised the fragility of our unique country with land clearance, the introduction of feral animals and invasive weeds substantially impacting on the country's biodiversity. Twenty two Australian mammal species have become extinct in the last 200 years (the highest rate of any country) and 20% of our remaining mammal species are also threatened with extinction. Climate change will only exacerbate this conservation challenge. 

The Wild Bush Luxury portfolio offers guests a chance to see some of Australia's most incredible and pristine environments, almost completely untouched by human settlement - the Top End and Flinders Ranges. These two regions encompass more than 180,000km2 of our most beautiful landscapes, and the prime motivation behind what we do is to open the minds of our guests through the activities our guides conduct within these incredible environments. This comes through the interpretation of the environment, the birdlife, and the mammal and reptile life. It also comes through the active debate of topical issues in the environment and through the day to day operation of the camps.

Our strongly held belief is that tourism should help foster conservation of our natural and cultural heritage and our rates include a contribution to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, whose work on private sanctuaries around the country is at the forefront of protecting endangered species in Australia.