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29 Aug, 2018

Our Favourite Watering Hole

What kind of characters can you find at your local watering hole? The video above captures two of our favourite species, the Galah and the Australian Ringneck, in stunning color and clarity as they gathered for a drink and a bath. The Hide at Arkaba is the favourite watering hole for many species of birds and mammals, from Red Kangaroos to Little Eagles, and it gives you a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close-and-personal experience with some of the outback’s wildest characters (sometimes even complete with a brawl!)
Galahs are one of the most prominent and easily identifiable bird species in all of Australia. With their beautiful rose-colored bodies and noisy chattering, they are an unmistakable Australian icon. As seen here, this time of year you can find them flocking in large numbers before pairing off in the spring for mating. Similar to other bird species, Galahs pair for life and both sexes incubate eggs and care for young in the nest (cue: aw!). Once mating season is officially underway, Galahs can be found throughout Arkaba’s 60,000 acres nesting in tree hollows lined with their plucked down feathers. Though nationally Galahs have a high chick mortality rate (averaging 50% mortality per nest), we have seen an inspiring increase in chick survival at Arkaba as a direct benefit of feral cat management and conservation.
Did You Know: Though virtually every Australian can identify Galahs, very few can distinguish between males and females. The trick to identifying sex is in the EYE of the beholder – literally! Female Galahs have a light brown to pink iris, while males have a dark brown to black iris. Can you spot the sexes in this video?

Arkaba is uniquely positioned on the cusp of the territory ranges of three species variations of Australian Ringneck Parrots. All three variations mate without discrimination and hybridize seamlessly, making for unique and exciting spottings for sharp-eyed bird watchers who can discern subtle plumage variations. Ringnecks are opportunists and will feed on whatever is available – fruits, seeds and even insects. Like Galahs, Ringnecks are readying to pair off for the mating season, where they too can be found in tree hollows. Luckily unlike Galahs, Ringnecks have impressive fledgling survival rate at around 75% per nest, and have also benefited from the feral cat management at Arkaba over the last nine years.
The word “Arkaba” means “place of hidden water and place of plenty”. Like all the best, our hidden watering hole carefully carved out of Arkaba and Woolshed Creeks brings in a range of characters from the rowdy to the peaceful. You can of course indulge in a beverage of your choice and a spot of morning or afternoon tea at the Hide while rubbing shoulders and sharing a laugh with the locals at Arkaba’s watering hole. It’d be rude not to!
To visit Arkaba's watering hole yourself, please call (02) 9571 6399 to speak with a Wild Bush Luxury Specialist or email us today!