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03 Aug, 2020

Evolution or Insect?

Whilst out on the Southern end of Arkaba, field guide Melissa noticed a curious phenomenon. When inspecting multiple Acacia Tetragonophylla (Dead Finish) in bloom, excitedly she noticed that the trees were throwing the odd red wattle blossom.
Still in correspondence with the State Herbarium of South Australia, the reasoning behind this rare anomaly is still unknown. Two theories have been posed; an evolutionary mutation perhaps producing sports e.g. different flower colour, from genetic changes? Or the flower heads could have been attacked or galled by an insect such as a thirp or wasp who have had a long evolution between the gall maker and the plant. 
A very exciting find for us on Arkaba. We'll be keeping a watchful eye to see how they evolve! 

While Arkaba is temporarily closed to guest arrivals due to continuing impacts of Covid-19, our team of staff continue to enjoy the privilege of place and drama of the bush that goes on oblivious to the ruptions that have engulfed the human world.